Riley St Garage, Woolloomooloo

Vibe NYC Manhattan feel, dark but noisy, alive and inviting. Felt like midnight inside even though it was 7pm on a Tuesday night.

Will impress The more sophisticated crew. Sit at the bar with friends for a catch up but in the dining area for a more intimate date night (The dining area gets full quickly, make a reservation before hand).

Spend $$ can be pricy if you’re really hungry, most of the portions are small

Dress code I’d stay away from anything tight and short and go for a more tailored and polished look.

Must try dishes To share make sure you get the chorizo corn dog each, the beer tempura Morton Bay Bugs (2 pieces), the grasslands scotch fillet with the steamed peas and broccoli on the side. Cocktails hands down the Weisenhimer! My gf got the Pineapple fix – we both thought it was very averageI have also been told the smoky soy truffle oysters are not to be missed. Not my things but could appreciated the presentation, served a mountain of ice in a Ruinart wooden crates.

Love Bangers x

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Hi there! Thanks for reading. I started this blog because I’m always eating out, wining and dining has always been an expensive, but favourite pass-time of mine. This blog is to share some of my experiences with you; where to go, what to eat, who to take and more importantly how to dress. Love Bangers x

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